Research and Evidence of DEI Benefits


A concise guide highlighting how DEI benefits organisations, for those who don’t have time to read all the research studies.


This guide pulls together all the latest research on the benefits of DEI to organisations. It delves into credible, published, and peer-reviewed studies.

Who is it for?

DEI and HR professionals seeking a single, credible condensed overview of the latest data and research, lacking time to read all the extensive research studies. 

Why you might need this:

DEI leaders often face the challenge of presenting compelling evidence and research to their organisations regarding the importance and benefits of DEI. This guide provides a concise summary of the main studies and key benefits, offering a valuable resource for those with limited time. 

What you will get:

A downloadable PowerPoint document that covers six benefit areas:

  1. Improved organisation performance 
  2. Improved innovation
  3. Improved complex problem solving
  4. Employee retention
  5. Reduced risks and controversies
  6. Talent attraction

It summarises top 10 pieces of key research, answering: 

  • What are the findings?
  • What are the key takeaways? 
  • Who was involved in the study and when was it conducted? 
  • What methodology was used?


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