Flexible Working Policy


Download and easily adapt this ready-to-go Flexible Working policy to ensure your organisation follows the latest evidence-based best practices.


This policy has been designed using the latest research. It is evidence-based, thoroughly tested, and ready to implement. It contains instructions to customise and adapt it according to your organisation’s requirements. 

Who is it for?

DEI and HR professionals looking to incorporate the latest practices on Flexible Working into their organisations.

Why you might need this?

Flexible working is an evidence-based strategy for creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. However, many organisations struggle to make it effective. This policy provides the most updated and inclusive approach to flexible working, reflecting the latest best practices as new research evolves. To gain a deeper understanding of flexible working and its critical role in contributing to equitable workplaces, please refer to the accompanying Flexible Working Guide.  

What you will get:

A downloadable, editable WORD document that covers:

  1. Purpose of the policy
  2. Scope
  3. Policy details
  4. Flexible working arrangement options available
  5. Application details
  6. Roles and responsibilities
  7. Performance conditions
  8. Policy review process


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