Code of Conduct Policy


Download this easy-to-use Code of Conduct policy to ensure your organisation follows the best and latest evidence-based practices.


Designed based on latest research, this policy document is evidenced-based, tested, and ready-to-implement. It contains instructions to personalise and contextualise it to suit your organisation’s needs. 

Who is it for?

DEI and HR professionals looking for policies that help build diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

Why you might need this?

A code of conduct policy is a key part of any DEI document suite as it provides guidance and sets expectations for appropriate workplace behaviour. Many code of conduct policies have not been reviewed through a DEI lens, resulting in a lack of guidance, expectations, and safeguards needed to build an inclusive and equitable workplace. Done well, the policy clearly defines the conduct necessary for building such a workplace, outlining expectations of all employees and consequences for non-compliance. It also provides channels for reporting breaches of conduct and empowers employees to take appropriate actions.  

What you will get:

A downloadable, editable Word document.


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