De-Biasing the Interview


About to interview candidates for a role and seeking to provide equal opportunities for diverse and underrepresented talent? Gain valuable insights on identifying and addressing unconscious bias during the interview and decision-making process.


This course is designed for hiring managers to use as they prepare for and conduct interviews, in order to help mitigate the effect their unconscious biases have on their decision-making process.  

Who is it for?: 

  •  DEI or HR professionals seeking to equip their hiring managers to recognise and mitigate their unconscious bias during candidate interviews 
  • Hiring managers looking to hire more diverse talent and seeking to ensure they are aware of and able to mitigate own unconscious biases by using evidence-based approaches.  

Why you might need this:

The interview process is susceptible to  unconscious bias,with biases and prejudices potentially arising from aspects of a candidate’s identity such as accents, age, disabilities, race and gender. Awareness alone is not enough to mitigate the effect these biases have on the evaluation process. Debiasing must be built into how we structure and record our interviews, as well as the evaluation process we use.  

What you will get:

In this course, we focus ONLY on the interview and not the full recruitment process. In this on-demand 25-minute program we cover:

  • What unconscious bias is and how it impacts the interview process
  • How to mitigate bias in an interview 
  • Three proven de-biasing strategies: Structured interviews, sample tests, and the SEED model

We assume your full hiring process is already designed to mitigate unconscious bias, and that you are thus able to attract a diverse group of candidates onto your final slate of interviewees. If this is not the case, please review our e-module on inclusive recruitment.


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