Certified on-demand DEI Strategist Program


Learn to competently and confidently develop an effective evidence-based DEI strategy that drives impact.



A multi-module, certified on-demand training program that will build your ability to develop an effective and evidence-based DEI strategy.

Who is it for?

  • Those of you who lead DEI in your organisation and want to learn more about the latest solutions that are proven to work
  • Those of you who are aspiring DEI professionals looking to move into a DEI role and need to upskill and build your credibility
  • HR professionals tasked with implementing DEI, seeking to build expertise and credibility in this specialist area
  • Anyone assigned to build a DEI strategy for their organisation, with limited resources

Why you might need this:

Our Certified DEI Strategist Program will provide you with a comprehensive approach to designing a customised DEI strategy that is data-driven, evidence-based, and delivers long-term results for your organisation.
Despite increasing investments in DEI, only a small fraction of organisations have made substantial progress. To move the needle, DEI professionals require a distinct skill set that extends beyond foundational knowledge. They must evolve into DEI Strategists with a deep understanding of evidence-based practices proven to drive meaningful change.

What you will learn:

  • The top five principles of a successful DEI strategy
  • A roadmap to design a DEI strategy for your organisation
  • How to analyse the current state of DEI in your workplace using multiple data sources
  • A strategy tool that is impact-driven, robust and logical
  • A suite of evidence-based activities shown to advance DEI
  • How to operationalise your DEI strategy, set targets and track progress

What you will get:

  • 6 modules
  • 36 lessons
  • 36 expert Instructor-led training videos
  • 28 downloaded PowerPoint decks
  • 9 guides
  • 7 ready-to-use strategy tools and templates
  • 5 worked examples
  • 8 links to relevant research
  • 3 detailed research reports
  • 1 checklist
  • I toolkit on DEI benefits
  • 6 reflection exercises
  • 7 quizzes
  • 6 SHRM Professional Development Credits

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August 9, 2023

Life changing experience!